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Gilbert Godfrey or the Voicemail Lady?

In your home, how compartmentalized is faith? Does it flow in and out of daily conversation or does it usually happen before and after church events and when you pray before dinner? Have you been vulnerable with your teens enough that they know that they’re going through some of the same things you did as a teen? Did you then tell them how you got through it?

Those may seem like irrelevant questions when you think about parenting and living life with them under the same roof but I would challenge you to seriously consider them. Teens are looking for honesty and genuine people to spend time with. In the eyes of many teens, parents are the most hypocritical people they encounter in a day. They say one thing and do another all the time. Whether that be in faith, attitude, they way they approach their spouse or even how they answer the phone. How many times have you heard someone bark and growl like Gilbert Godfrey and then the phone rings and they sound like the woman who tells me if I have a voicemail on my phone? Take a look at how you’re relating to your kids and see if there is a need for a tweak or two.

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