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To Be or To Broadcast it…

I ran across an article about the relevancy of the church. It’s a decent article but I still think the solution is being made too complicated. It’s kind of as if some groups are carrying big ol’ signs around that say “hey, look at us, we’re relevant!” Should it have to be stated? If you google “relevant church” you’ll come up with a whole list of churches making sure you know their relevant. I don’t think it can be boiled down to a marketing ploy though. Relevant doesn’t need to be stated.

“Hi, I’m Brian and I’m really nice.”

It seems like everywhere I turn I see another article about what steps to take to be relevant to this generation for Christ. The piece that seems to be missing though is actually interacting with teens and knowing how they work. In actual conversation with teens, I typically hear one of a few things. They want honesty without a hidden agenda, freedom in Christ and someone they can trust that communicates with them in ways they understand.

What do they not want? They don’t want talked down to or someone that has an agenda passed what is seen. They also don’t want a watered down Gospel or someone who sees them as a project.

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