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Tragedy as an Opportunity for Faith

There was another shooting just a few miles from Columbine recently. I thought back to the last one and  was curious to see what was being said about youth and faith at that point in time and how it still resonates now. I ran across an article on http://www.youthandreligion.org that I think expresses it clearly.

Kenda Creasy Dean comments on the response youth had to the Cassie Bernall story. She was the young woman shot after professing her faith. It spread from email and the internet before the media was able to report it. What stood out to teens wasn’t that she said yes but that she was a martyr. Someone just like them was able to look at a gunman and say what she knew was true.

“Dean said this: These are kids who are dying for something worth dying for. There’s only so much bubble gum and pizza they can take. Kids have been telling us for 25 years: Enough already with the ice breakers. Give us something worth dying for. Then I’ll come. The underexpectation of teenagers is rampant in the culture, and even more rampant in the church – the very place that is supposed to call them to something worth dying for. How ironic.”

Kenda Creasy Dean is the Assistant Professor of Youth, Church, and Culture and Director of the School of Christian Education at Princeton Theological Seminary.

Here’s the pdf link to the article.

How does this fit within the current youth ministry structure and what does it mean as far as how we interact with teens?

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