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15 ways to get involved

As a parent, have you been looking for ways to engage your teen in spiritual conversations? It can be intimidating for sure but if you had a guide, maybe it wouldn’t be quite as bad.

If you’re a youth worker, these may be helpful for you to share with your volunteers and parents as they continue to navigate the world of teens.

15 ways to get more involved in your teen’s faith.
  1. Ask them how you can pray for them this week.
  2. Share an experience you’ve had that is comparable to they may be going through.
  3. Pick a book of the bible and read a chapter a day and talk about it over dinner.
  4. Serve with them in a way that they are passionate about.
  5. Be vulnerable. Let them see that you’re “human” and make mistakes too.
  6. Challenge your family to live out their faith in a particular way each week. Maybe you‘ll ask someone how to pray for them this week or talk to the person no one else seems to talk to.
  7. Don’t compartmentalize faith. It should be an integral part of life so try to incorporate it into everyday activities as opposed to just a twenty-minute block before bed.
  8. As rules are established for you teen, share with them what you are basing the rules on from a Biblical perspective.
  9. Pray for your teen each day. Ask them for ways you could pray for them.
  10. If you’re married, share about your faith with your spouse in front of your teens.
  11. Take interest in the activities they are a part of. Lead a short term small group or volunteer on a trip or event.
  12. Communicate regularly with your youth director so you can be on the same page as your teen.
  13. Don’t confuse unsolicited advice for a conversation. Allow teens to react to your comments. There is definitely a time for you to share your advice but many times, this is considered a conversation in the parent’s eyes.
  14. Make sure your relationship with Christ is central.  Many teens see their parents faith only as a Sunday activity. Their faith will continue to grow when they see it lived out on a daily basis by you.
  15. Most teens repeat some of the mistakes their parents made. When they do, share with them what happened to you and how you were able to deal with it. Showing empathy and making a connection point can go a long way to establishing trust in a relationship.
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