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The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers

My all-time favorite teacher died a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about those few people who stand out in my past. There are very few questions that get people to smile but one of them would be to ask who their favorite teacher was. Think about it. Do you have those people in your life that just the very thought of that person makes you feel better?

Mr. Rogers is one of those guys that stands out in our society. I can’t think of anyone who has anything negative to say about him. What stands out to me is his passion for life and consistency. What you saw is what you got. Anyway, Amy Hollingsworth wrote a book about him, The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers, and it’s been a great book to explore my own consistency.

When talking about being a good neighbor in Luke 10:27, he says this. “He made it clear that it’s less about determining who your neighbor is (i.e., who it is you’re supposed to love, according to the biblical command) and more about establishing yourself as a neighbor by your show of mercy to others. Jesus transformed the question ‘Who is my neighbor?’ into the directive ‘Be the good neighbor.'”

It’s a good read. I would recommend it. As opposed to giving you ten tips on how to do it, this one shows how it was done yet presents it in a very humble and understated way – just like Mister Rogers would have wanted.

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