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If try harder isn’t working…

I’m sure you’ve heard at some point to try harder… what if that’s not the answer?  Seth Godin raises the question of trying differently instead of trying harder. Regardless of the situation, maybe there’s value to taking a look at the process in which we’re trying to perfect. What if we’re using the wrong system? Maybe there’s value in taking a step back and wiping the slate clean a little more often. There’s a shoe company that did just that. They didn’t think the way shoes were packaged were efficient or eco-friendly so they completely started over. I didn’t even know there was another way of packaging shoes! Here’s what they came up with…

What did they do? First they package in an egg carton type package that is 100% recycled. Then instead of using all that paper to shove in the shoes and around them, they put a pair of socks in the shoes.

Here’s another idea… you could make your own shoes out of a pair of jeans and an old tire!

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