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Rubik’s Cube Art

I can’t solve a Rubik’s cube. I’ve never been able to do it other than the one time I took off all of the stickers and put them back on to make a finished cube. I don’t think that counts though. I don’t really even like the Rubik’s cube because it knows it owns me and rubs my nose in it. It taunts my visual problem solving weaknesses and lets me know 4th graders can do it… it reminds me of the time I tried to run a mini-marathon and was passed by a group of obnoxious, out of control, squeally 5th grade girls and I couldn’t drop kick them because I was in sheer pain and wanted to cry… and I digress…

Today, the Rubik’s cube. First is the world record solve and secondly are a few pieces of art work made out of the demented and evil cube.

Space Invaders

the Dalai Lama

Mona Lisa

The Rubik’s Cube website has a lot of great stuff on it too! Check out the “Will it Blend?” video!

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