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Are you ready?

So a few years ago, my mind was ready to explode and I really wanted to figure out how to focus myself to better empower teens to truly grow in their faith and walk with Christ. I know that for some, the following has been heard before but there are many new people in my life who I’ve been talking to students from different walks of life lately who all want true authenticity in their faith. Here’s my response to them and to any teen who desires to come along for the ride.

Imagine:  Groups of students from across denominational and ministry lines, living genuine, unprompted, unprovoked Christ-like walks, loving and serving others as Christ himself did – without pretension or concern for self… but only driven from a pure, selfless, devotion to others driven from a holy and righteous devotion to Christ and His Kingdom.

What if there was a way for adults to be catalysts for growth in the faith of teen Christ-followers by creating experiences and opportunities to grow with Christ and serve and love others as he taught and modeled. Their intent would not to spoon-feed Christianity to the masses, but to provide an atmosphere that facilitates individual responsibility and encourages finding passion in relationship with Christ.

I’ve asked students what they truly want in this journey in their faith. Here’s what they’ve said.

  • We want smaller groups (within our large group) to build authentic relationships which create the environment that allows everyone to participate.
  • We want to be a people who listen passionately.
  • We want to love each other unselfishly. We demand equality, and strive for an openness that allows for sharing of struggles, hurts and successes.
  • We want to deepen our faith in other Christ-followers and honor Christ in all we do.
  • We will strive to develop a Christ-like attitude, love each other, and focus on prayer, service and sharing our faith.

Does the above stir thoughts in you? If so, let’s chat. It’s just as important to find some adults who would be passionate about seeing this in teens as it is for teens to own this themselves.

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