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Ladies, should you be dating him?

Often, I find myself answering questions from young ladies about what they should do about the situation they are in with their boy. I’m still not sure why they do because I often frustrate them by asking and creating more questions for them then they had when they started! Here’s usually how it works. A high school girl will ask me what I think about so and so and if I think they should date. Instead of giving an answer, I ask these four questions.

Does he lead you towards Christ?
Can you see Christ being lived out through him?
Can others see Christ being lived out through him?
Does he challenge you in your faith?

If they don’t know the answer or answer no to these questions, or at least answer no to two of them, I’ll ask them why they would want to date the guy.  If these young ladies are living a life following Christ, why would they not want to date a guy that does the same? Eventually, they’ll say, “So you’re saying I shouldn’t date him.” to which I’ll respond with “You came to that conclusion on your own, I merely asked a few questions.”

Ladies, don’t settle for “good enough” especially if you’re in high school and college. You need to know what you’re looking for and not compromise your standards. When I say you should know what you’re looking for, I mean to look at what God calls young men to be and to focus your eyes on those characteristics. The guys don’t have to have all of these characteristics mastered but they should be working towards them and at least know what they are.

If your faith is the core of who you are, you should look for a guy who has Christ at the core of who he is. You may say that there aren’t any guys in high school that are like that. If that’s true, I would ask you what value there is in dating if there aren’t any guys who are trying to live up to the standard God has laid out for you in a woman?

I have several more pieces to follow in the next few days. I just wanted to get the ball rolling! Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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