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Planting Seeds and Your Life Journey

One of the ideas that always intrigues me is the idea of planting seeds. How we can come into someone’s life, plant a little seed that he or she may or may not even realize and move back out of his or her life. It happens all the time for many of us. There’s one reason I think it’s important to think about it. At times, we get so frustrated that we can’t change that one person we seem to be pouring into. Let’s take a second and back up and look at our own lives. How many people have helped shape you into who you are today? Usually, there are at least 10-15 different people that we can honestly say have impacted our lives in meaningful ways. With many of these people, there’s an event that caused them to step in and be there for us. It may be a positive event like heading off to college or taking a big step in your faith. It may be something tragic, like a death or even heartbreak, loneliness or stress.

So who are they for you? Here’s my list of seed planters, which, when I give my faith/life journey, are incorporated in one way or another. I’m not sure I’ve even told them all that they’ve made the list. I know that the first two on the list know and although the third one didn’t know, I had an opportunity to express it at his funeral a few months ago. I suppose, it’s time to tell the others.

  • Steve Fish – camp counselor in 1986 when I gave my life to Christ. (2nd grade)
  • Mrs. Tippin – teacher who encouraged and supported me when no one else did (5th grade)
  • Mr. Stinehelfer – teacher who modeled what it meant to be a manly man and truly care for people simultaneously. (6th grade)
  • Kurt Steinke – counselor who modeled how youth ministry should be done. (early middle school)
  • Lynn Thompson – my first youth pastor who was involved relationally with the youth. (high school)
  • Matt Hallman – showed me what it means to be the real me regardless or anything else (2001)
  • Dave Ramseyer – modeled how to love on teens and show them Christ in their world. (2000-2006)
  • Tim Hallman – taught me that ministry takes passion and extreme faith and the results aren’t always as quick as we want but we have to fight through them for the sake of Christ. (from way back in 1996ish to the present.)
  • Tim Smith – gave me a swift and continual verbal lashing to step up in my marriage (2009 to present)
  • Nathan Hyde – work your butt off for your family while choosing sacrifice to keep faith and family first regardless of the material cost. (last part of 2010)

I think anyone could take a look at those 10 people and figure out what events go along with that while coming to a decent understanding of who I am and what I’m passionate about and called to. I’d challenge you to take some time to put one of these together. It doesn’t seem as awkward and personal to approach it this way but I think it gives a more complete picture of who I am in a few short sentences.

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