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Would You Make Time to do P90X?

I was looking for images of the chart for reading the bible in 90 days and I came across this. As you have probably seen, I’m not really a fan of “Jesusizing” secular brands. I did, though, attempt to do the P90X program a few months ago and I think I put more energy and effort in to being successful with that than I have ever put towards my spiritual discipline. This is a problem. So I started reading through the bible in 90 days and stopped making excuses on why I couldn’t do it. I realize that some of you may see that as extreme. Maybe it is, but why is that bad?

As I’m thinking through this, I saw that a good friend of mine had just posted on a similar topic so I thought I should link to it!

What kind of excuse is “I don’t have time”? If you wanted to make time for it, you could. I wish people would stop making excuses and justify why they don’t take their faith seriously.  For me, it was realizing I was able and ready to clear out an hour and a half of my daily schedule so I could go work out. Yet, at no point in my life, had I been willing to take even a third of that for a 90 day stretch. That’s why I took the 90 day bible challenge. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go after it by myself so I asked a few people to go for it with me. I ended up with around 75 people say they would go for it. I don’t know how many are still on track but if a 7th grade girl can do it, I don’t see any reason anyone else can’t! I don’t mean anything against her when I say that but the other excuse I hear after people realize the ” I don’t have time” one is shot is “it’s too hard to understand”. So again I say, if a 7th grade girl can read it…

So here’s my challenge. I don’t care if you read the whole bible in 90 days but at some point, you have to make SOME time for the bible. 15 minutes a day gets the bible done in a year. If someone can find time to read a Harry Potter book in a weekend then they can’t tell me they can’t read the bible in 90 days or a year. It’s time to prioritize and align what’s important in your heart and mind to what’s important in life. It could be that it is aligned and you know that reading the bible means things have to change and, well, as Thomas Gray wrote, ignorance is bliss.

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