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She Has A Name

Underage sex trafficking – Modern day slavery. That’s what it equates to. Up to 200,000 girls 11-17 are lured into the sex industry every year (Shared Hope International stat). I’ve shared some links at the bottom of the post about the Super Bowl this year and the expected 10,000 prostitutes that will be “shipped” in to fill the needs. I say all of that to share with you about The Shocks. I’ve known them for quite a while. I started working with Kevin in 2004 and his youngest two kids were the ring bearer and flower girl in my wedding.  They have always had an incredible passion for anything they felt called to do, whether or not they really wanted to do it. She Has A Name is one such passion that has taken a hold of who they are. I work with teens and many (most) teens have no idea sex trafficking even exists, let alone that it happens with people their age. It comes at a time when it’s making national headlines because of the Super Bowl being in Dallas. Texas is second, behind California, for this trafficking so there is much more commotion this year than in years past. If you’re interested in learning more about what’s going on with their ministry, check out their blog (click on their name above) and to find out more about what’s being done at the Super Bowl to help fight this abuse, follow any of the links below.


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